Speaker Testimonials

“Natasha recently presented to the Master Builders Association, Northern Beaches. Natasha is very watchable and has a great delivery style and impressed the audience composed primarily of builders with her insights, practical strategies and advice. I personally received tremendous benefit through Natasha’s fast paced and insightful presentation on ER legislation changes. She is a fantastic corporate speaker and highly recommended.”

Sue Napoli – Interior Designer
alkimi studio 

“Natasha Hawker has spoken to audiences of over 500, at several of our events, about her entrepreneurial journey. The audience feedback received shows that that she is entertaining but also shares great lessons, with immediate practical application. She has a way of connecting with individuals, in a large room of people, enabling her to bring them on the journey with her. I would highly recommend her as a speaker to any business that wants to grow faster through their employees. We would highly recommend Natasha for speaking gigs where quality content and high performance delivery are key”

Glen Carson – Co Founder

“Natasha spoke to an audience of around 850 people at the Finance Brokers Association of Australia’s National Conference in 2016 , the audience was asked to complete a survey at the end and Natasha rated as 1 of the most preferred speakers on the day with feedback like “We would love to see her again”, “What a breath of fresh air, someone that spoke fact not fiction”, “Finally someone that doesn’t scare monger you into believing Fair work will be on your door step tomorrow, she had the proof in the pudding”

On an everyday basis, Natasha helps to create a positive working environment for employees and employers. She makes understanding Human Resources something interesting and has proven that does not need to be time consuming , and makes sure that you have all the facts to keep yourself and your business in safe hands.”

Leah Renwick – National Business Development & Conference Manager
Finance Brokers Association of Australia Limited (FBAA)

“It was such an empowering presentation. Natasha shared with us excellent content. I will hold on to her key lessons and continuously apply them into my entrepreneurial adventure. The way Natasha presents is fascinating – so captivating! She demonstrated to us how her beliefs became a reality – thanks to her confidence and determination to succeed. She highlighted the importance of a strong HR strategy/foundation – from accurate Job Descriptions, KPI and aligning teams to the corporate culture and values.

Thank you Natasha – I will keep everything you taught us close to my heart and apply it into my coffee start-up.”

Maria Alejandra Toledo, Colombian student at Academy of Entrepreneurs

“Honoured to have Natasha Hawker sharing her entrepreneurial journey and incredible achievements with us. Her presentation has added value, inspired and empowered our start-up students’ businesses and mindset significantly. Her lessons and insights arounds Internal Communication, Retention strategies and Risk assessments were incredible.
Thank you so much for sharing such powerful strategies with us.”

Paula Mills, CEO of Academy of Entrepreneurs

“I met Natasha in 2015 when she was delivering a presentation to a group of small business owners. With years of experience of my own in HR, within corporate organisations, it was obvious Natasha knew her subject matter inside-out. She was engaging, relevant and it was obvious that she cared.

Upon launching my group coaching program, Natasha was an obvious choice to deliver a workshop on recruitment and employee engagement. Natasha was – as usual – engaging, and the content of the presentation was very relevant to the audience. As was evident from our surveys, my clients were extremely satisfied with the workshop – they felt that Natasha was the “right balance between knowledgeable and approachable”, and that the workshop resulted in increased awareness relating to HR matters which are relevant to them, and the confidence to expand their business through more clarity on the hiring process and employee engagement strategies.

Since then, all the clients who attended the workshop have hired employees and they have found the strategies they learned to be extremely useful.”

Kathryn Kavanagh, Director at Momentum Lab March 2018

” I really enjoyed hearing you speak. I felt that you truly understood the issues we face with employees. You made a difficult topic easy and fascinating to listen to and provided the clarity and direction to make my life, as an employer, easier.”

George Astudillo, Licensed Real Estate Agent November 2018

“Natasha Hawker’s book From Hire to Fire and Everything In Between has been enormously helpful to me and my role. This book is excellent – for me this is a very helpful how-to guide in the disorientating world of HR. There are so many business books out there and reading a bad one is a waste of my time: if only I had this when I was running a team of 16 staff back in 2007 or even more so when I had my first management job back in 1996 looking after 5 youngsters straight out of University, with none of them in the same city. A great read! “

Robert Watson Partner Manager, ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll

“I had the pleasure of having Natasha involved in our 2nd annual Workforce Analytics Summit in Sydney in 2020. Natasha was very well-prepared, highly professional, and an engaging panel moderator. She knew her topics well and engaged with the speakers prior to the event to be fully prepared for an outstanding session. Looking forward to working with her again in future!”

Nick Kenny, Conference Producer – Australia, New Zealand & Asia Aventedge


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